Research driven.

Environment inspired.


PUNTOZERO Design is a London based, Italian creative studio from Bologna, specialising in bespoke product design.

Our studio is the bridge that allows you to enter into the Emilia-Romagna  productive hub, a place where some of the most successful ideas and concepts are born and developed.

By elevating the individual and their life experience through styles, textures, materials and lighting, PUNTOZERO Design redefines livable spaces.  spaces that tell stories. stories that shape lives.



Redefine spaces.

Spaces telling stories.

Stories shaping lives.

A love for design, art and artisanal craft inspires the creativity of PUNTOZERO Design. We are passionate about creating new concepts that reflect our clients’ needs and focus on reducing the complexity of any project to beautiful yet simple design solutions.

Over the years, we have created a network of incredible and talented Italian artisans, who through their excellent workmanship bring the ideas to life, producing pieces made of refined materials and offering our clients exquisite, high-quality products.



Residential Furniture.

Home Decor. 

Contract Grade Furniture.

Whatever your ambitions, PUNTOZERO Design offers a tailor-made service. We can design and produce custom pieces of furniture for private homes, retail spaces, restaurants or hotel environments. 

With our bespoke design service, whether you are a company or private home-owner, we will work closely with you to create distinctive furniture that meets your exact requirements. From the initial briefs and sketch proposals to the finished product and quality control, we’ll ensure the highest level of service is provided.

Residential Furniture

interior design drawing sketch on paper

Working with PUNTOZERO Design allows you to decide on every detail of your furniture – from material and finish to the shape and size.

No matter how big or small your project is, we are here to help. Whether you want to create a single piece only, such as a new dining table, or the entire living room units, the final product will be something that no one else has, completely made to suit your tastes and needs.

Home Decor

home decor

Enrich your interior with unique, artisanal home accessories. With these finishing touches you can adorn and embellish your living space with your own unique style.

Discover and explore our collection of luxury accessories, from vases, cushions and lighting, to home fragrance, all crafted by Italian artisans and makers.

Contract Grade Furniture

FF&E furniture fittings and equipment

We know that space is a critical asset and every business has different needs.

At PUNTOZERO Design we offer effective contract grade furniture solutions for a diverse mix of clients, including restaurants, bars, hotels, retail, as well as interior designers and architects.